School Expeditions

Destinations Uk & Overseas

We take student teams all around the world.  To the farthest corners of globe and everywhere in-between!  We work with schools to create bespoke expeditions, so please take a look at our destinations below and get in touch to find out how we can tailor any of our expeditions to suit your needs.

Our UK expeditions have all the same important elements that our overseas expeditions have: a focus on developmental adventure and a worthwhile project.  UK expeditions are an excellent way for younger students to start on a development journey that they can then take further by joining one of our overseas expedition teams.  During times of travel restrictions, we are also opening our UK expeditions to older year groups so do take a look and find out more about our exciting UK expeditions below.

Venture North

Icefields & Project, Alaska

Project & Trekking, Iceland

Venture South

Community Project, Gambia

Overland trucking, Namibia & Botswana

Project & Trekking, Morocco

Venture East

Project & Trekking, China & Mongolia

Overland Trucking, Kyrgyzstan

Conservation project, Malaysia

Project & Diving, Malaysia

Project & Trekking, Nepal

Conservation Project, Sumatra

Conservation Project, Thailand

Project & Trekking, Vietnam

Venture West

Project, Guatemala

Project & Trekking, Ecuador

Project & Trekking, Peru

Venture UK

Coast to Coast, Scotland

River Severn Descent, England

River Wye Descent, Welsh Border

Sea to Sea Cycle, England