Whitewater Levels

All our rafting and canoeing activities are graded. Our student expeditions do not include any rapids over level 3. For our adult teams, we lead expeditions up to level five.

Level One

Beginner skill level.  Paddling at this level is relaxed. There will be some small waves that tug at the boat and some manoeuvring may be required but the water is mainly calm.

Level Two

Basic paddling skills. There will be some manoeuvring through easy rapids and around occasional rocks.  River channels are wide.  Lots of fun and a good way to ease yourself into learning to raft.

Level Three

Some experience with rafting is required (which can be taught as part of the expedition). There will be waves and small drops. Significant manoeuvring required and some fast, narrow passages to negotiate.  Plenty of excitement!

Level Four

For those who are experienced at rafting. Difficult rapids with lots of turbulent water, considerable drops and sharp manoeuvring.  Heart pounding!

Level Five

Significant experience of rafting is required. Large rocks, drops, hazards and tough rapids mean that precise manoeuvring is required. Adrenaline fuelled!

Level Six

This is one for the experts. Extreme whitewater, huge waves, lots of hazards, rocks and big drops.  Attempting this level comes with huge risks and so we don’t lead expeditions at this level.  There are plenty of challenges, lots of excitement and adventure to be had between levels 1-5.