Our Partners

We couldn’t deliver the amazing, life-changing expeditions that we do, without our exceptional partners. We are proud of the excellent relationships we’ve developed with these great companies and organisations.

Mountain Warehouse
Raise Gambia

Orangutan information centre

Mountain Warehouse

Montrose Rope & Sail

Raise Gambia

Venture Force works with the OIC in Sumatra, where teams assist the OIC’s work to protect endangered orangutans. The OIC are fighting back by reclaiming jungle lost to the palm oil industry (replanting thousands of endemic trees/plants), rescuing displaced and sick orangutan, and finally rehabilitating and releasing the orangutans.

Venture Force and the OIC are working together to plant more trees, replace jungles and save the endemic species together. Not only does this off-set expedition CO2 but it also provides new forests for all endemic Sumatran animals.

Mountain Warehouse are located in many locations around the UK.  Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to give you their advice and offer a discount to expedition team members on a wide range of outdoor gear.

Graham and Tom started their relationship with this truly British company way back in the days when they were members of the ‘Braemar Mountain Rescue Team’.  At that time (1998) MR&S supplied the team with personal kit bags for team members.

We’ve maintained our links with MR&S as we developed Venture Force.  The friendly and helpful staff produce high quality, lasting products that we take all over the world.

We’re happy our kit bags are produced in Scotland and not shipped 1/2 way around world, minimising our environmental impact.

As soon as we heard of the great work of ‘Raise Gambia’ we offered our support in running expeditions with them. The concept of students from the UK mixing with students from Gambia, learning with, and learning from is inspirational and a concept that we fully support.

If you are a teacher, student, parent or a member of a school community that wishes to take part in these essential ‘knowledge sharing’ expeditions then please give us a call.

Cotswold Outdoor


Cotswold Outdoor

Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia


We have been working with Easyfundraising since 2018 and so far they’ve enabled our participants to raise over £7,500 towards their expeditions. Easyfundraising gives friends and family the chance to help participants with their fundraising without any additional cost.  Just shop online as normal and a percentage of the amount spent will go to the participant’s fund.

From the outset Cotswold Outdoor have been very supportive of Venture Force and what we stand for. We’ve built great relationships with the stores that we regularly frequent.

Should you require equipment for any Venture Force expedition or personal adventure then they offer a wide selection of equipment and friendly advice from experienced staff.

One of our directors is a keen scuba diver and as a result has had the chance to see the world’s beautiful turtles in their natural environments.  However, like many others we’re very concerned about the decline of their environment and their treatment.  Our personal values and the ethos of Venture Force compliments those of Dr Chen Pelf Nyok, Ph.D. who has set up funded and managed the Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia.  Together with Pelf we now run conservation expeditions to help turtles and educate those who travel with us and those about us. As well as committed, Pelf is utterly inspirational. 

Venture Force are proud to work with and fully support the essential work carried out by the SOCP. Their efforts, programmes and passion to save the Sumatran Orangutan is beyond belief and greatly admired by everyone that we’ve taken to work with them.  Our orangutan conservation expeditions work directly with the SOCP, to do our bit to preserve these marvellous and fascinating creatures, ensuring that successive generations take up the fight and give our world a better future! If you would like to take part in these essential knowledge sharing expeditions then please give us a call.