Terms and Conditions

The conditions set out the terms and conditions agreed between Venture Force and the customer in relation to the customer’s booking of an expedition with Venture Force. The customer must ensure that they read these conditions carefully before confirming their booking. By making a booking with Venture Force, the customer agrees to be bound by these conditions. The customer should keep a copy of these conditions for future reference.

Where bookings are made on behalf of a group, the lead customer must ensure that these conditions are brought to the attention of all participants on behalf of whom the group booking is made, before the booking is made.

Venture Force terms and conditions apply once the expedition confirmation notice has been issued.

Terms and conditions - Adult Individuals

Terms and conditions - School/Youth Groups

Previous Terms & Conditions (14.02.2023) can be found here

Terms and conditions - Organisations (Adult gROUPS)

To view the previous version of Venture Force terms and conditions for school/youth groups, please click here

Data Protection Policy + Privacy statement

Venture Force is committed to safeguarding and protecting the privacy of all stakeholders. Venture Force collects and uses information about people with whom it communicates and for whom it organises and manages Expeditions. Venture Force regards the lawful and correct treatment of personal information as fundamental to the successful and efficient performance of its functions, and to maintain confidence between those with whom it works. To this end Venture Force fully endorses and adheres to the principles of data protection, as set out in the GDPR 2018.

Data Protection Policy

Privacy Statement

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