Expedition Safety Management

Having led and managed overseas expeditions for many years, participant and leader safety is paramount in everything we do. We have one of the best expedition safety records among expedition providers in the UK. This stems from the careful planning of expeditions, meticulous attention to detail with regard to risk assessments and safety management, the excellent training of young people prior to expedition, employing first class expedition leaders with a wealth of experience in leading overseas expeditions and the provision of a 24 hour Emergency Operations team and backup system here in the UK.

Our safety management can be divided into the following four components:

1. Pre-depature risk management

Risk Assesments

At the planning stage of each and every expedition/activity/programme Venture Force expedition managers investigate the risks associated with any activity and the measures necessary to mitigate those risks. However we recognise that very few activities have ‘no risk’ and that very little is learned cosily within one’s comfort zone.

Risk assessments are compiled by VF expedition managers in consultation with the relevant VF in-country agent, combining expert knowledge with on-site assessment. On completion these risk assessments are thoroughly inspected by our technical advisors. The risk management process is inspected by outside agencies biennially.

The best risk assessments are useless without proper information sharing. Our expedition managers conduct a thorough briefing with the expedition leaders in advance of the expedition. All our expedition leaders are trained and experienced in dynamic risk assessments. On-site dynamic risk assessments are carried out by our expedition leaders to ensure that nothing has changed and the activity is still safe to go ahead.

Travel Safety Advice

Our expedition managers constantly monitor the political, civil and environmental situation in all of our expedition destinations, for the entirety of the expedition build-up and operational period. Up to date information is obtained from the websites of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), and World Health Organisation (WHO) websites. Teams are issued with a travel safety document monthly until they return home safely. Our international communication system means real-time information can be fed to the expedition leadership team.

First-class Leadership Team

All our expeditions are led by two Venture Force expedition leaders. Our expedition leaders are selected not just for their expedition experience and qualifications but also for their life experience and people skills. They fully understand our ethos and are trusted by us to lead safe and exciting expeditions. All our leaders have recent disclosure and barring checks (DBS/CRB) and are fully conversant with and abide by all Venture Force codes of conduct and policies.

Developmental Learning

We believe that it is important for young people to understand and learn how to analyse risk. What better way to practise this essential life skill than in a supported environment whilst on expedition? This is valuable experience and one that will stand them in good stead throughout life.

2. Operations Control Room and 24/7 Support

Venture Force adventures, expeditions and programmes are monitored and supported by an advanced safety back-up system, at the heart of which is our operations control room.

3. Communication and Tracking

Venture Force ensure that our expedition leaders are able to commmunicate with our UK team, if required, 24 hours a day.

4. International Search and Rescue

Venture Force ensure that, if required, quick and effective international search and rescue is available 24 hours per day.

Risk Management Summary 2021

Overseas Expeditions

Risk Management Summary 2021

UK Expeditions

Should you require any further information on our safety protocols please get in touch