Developmental Expeditions

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We provide first class, once in a lifetime adventures around the globe.

 Our expeditions offer adventure with a purpose. Whether the expedition is purely adventure, a community/conservation project or a combination of both, the focus is on personal development. Our expeditions, whether overseas or in the UK, allow young people to push themselves outside their comfort zone in a challenging yet safe and supportive environment. We give students the opportunity to develop the soft skills that will help them become successful on whichever path they choose in life.

Safety is central to our expeditions and underpins all our processes in both the planning stage, and throughout the expedition. Our leaders are first class not only in safety management in the outdoor environment, but they also have extensive experience in working with young people and know how to support them in achieving what they never thought was possible.

We firmly believe in equality of opportunity for achievement and strive to provide challenges for all those who seek them out. Our expeditions allow students of all backgrounds, ages and abilities to expand their horizons and gain new experiences.

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