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Expedition Duration: 10 Days (includes transport to Community)
Description: Guided, supported, food and accommodation)
Expedition Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Venture Force have been working in this remarkable country for the past three years and over that time have made lifelong relationships with villages, tribes and tribal chiefs.

This unique relationship enables us to tackle local issues efficiently as our Venture Force agent and voluntarily staff fully appreciate and understand our ethos. They know that we only tackle issues that really matter to their people.

The Venture Force in-country team work hard to ensure that each and every team member that join us in Ghana benefits from a truly special expedition experience and will never forget the friends that they have made and the contribution that they have made to the people of Ghana.

Venture Force truly believes that all overseas projects should be relevant. Our project teams leave behind sustainable solutions to the serious worldwide issues of a lack of clean, safe drinking water and practical sanitation. Both are the cause of serious illness, death and unhappiness around the globe, issues that we take for granted.

We take charity seriously and recognise that merely providing equipment is not a sustainable solution and denies proud nations and communities the opportunity to maintain self-respect. By providing training and education for the community we face these issues ‘head on’. Our project programmes enable the partnership community the chance to give something back to our volunteers, allowing them the all-important chance to contribute to their own future.

Our ‘interactive programmes’ allows the community to teach our students about their culture, traditions, heritage and lives. Through a series of trips to places of local interest such as Monkey sanctuaries, Waterfalls and weaving villages and community events such as sports competitions, home stays and celebrations administered by enthusiastic volunteer chaperones our volunteers will truly get to know the very fabric of Ghanaian village life.

Eugemot Orphanage

This small orphanage is home to 56 children with ages ranging between 18 months to 18 years and is run entirely through voluntary contributions. How they survive is totally beyond our understanding!

To make matters worse they will have to leave their current home in 2015 and will effectively become homeless. Venture Force have stepped in and hope to build from scratch a complete orphanage on land located approximately 3 miles from the present site.

The new orphanage will consist of two dormitory buildings (complete with sufficient toilets and showers), one kitchen- staff and relaxation block, playground, clean water purification system and a football academy.

With the assistance or the Alexandra College - Dublin, the Moulton School - Northampton and Catmose College - Rutland we’ve made a massive step forward but recognise that without the help of other volunteer school teams we will struggle to achieve our ultimate goal.